29 Jun 2016

The new album is almost done! We are still working out the release details, so no announcement yet, but hopefully soon.

Focusing on the record has been really great, but it's been way too long since we played live. And so we're really happy to announce two gigs in early september:

  • 3 September @ La Zone (Liège, BE) with Kayo Dot and Lodges.
  • 12 September @ Magasin 4 (Bruxelles, BE) with Muscle and Marrow and Father Murphy.

We will play a few songs of the upcoming record at those shows.

More gigs and more news coming soon!

17 Dec 2015

We're glad to announce that we will be entering the studio to record the successor of our eponymous album on December 26th, i.e. next week! To celebrate this, we're offering our previous record for free on Bandcamp until January 1st, so if you don't have a copy yet, now's the time!

More details on the record will be following soon, but what we can say (apart from the fact that we're really excited about it!) is that we are working again with our dear friend Xavier Dromard, that we will record it again at Blend Studio in Switzerland, and that unlike our previous one, we will take our time to work on it and won't rush to have everything done in 10 days. So don't expect a release in January :)

Stay tuned for more details!

30 May 2014

Here's an interview (french) we gave to Music Waves after our last show in Paris :

Thanks to Childeric Thor!

20 May 2014

We're glad to announce that Gil Chevigné (Thot, Two Kids On Holiday) is our new drummer! We're really thrilled about what he brings to the band, and you should be able to see us live with the new line-up very soon. Welcome Gil!

Let's also take this news opportunity to thank our now ex-drummer Bastien Dupont for the last two years: this has been a great adventure and we wish you great success in your future projects!

17 Feb 2014

We will do some gigs in France (Paris, Besançon, Montpellier, Perpignan, ...) in March and April. See the Shows section.

30 Oct 2013

Sad news: our drummer has hurt his left arm and is in the impossibility to bend it, and therefore to play. We must cancel all shows this week (Perpignan, Besançon, Paris). We're very sorry about that, and very sad, as we were delighted to play these shows.

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience, especially to Fre & Yann @ Spanked/YellowSharps, Lionel @ L'Ubu and Eric Cooney @ En veux-tu? En v'là!.

We will take the road again as soon as we can. See you real soon.

25 Oct 2013

We're proud to announce that our new record is now available!

You can stream it and/or buy it on

Thanks to Dipole Experiment Records, Xavier Dromard, Alan Douches, Sebastien Augier, and everyone involved in the process of bringing this record to life.

We'd also like to add a special thanks to all of you who preordered the album, thank you guys!

Enyoy, share and spread the word!

15 Oct 2013

Hear Titanium Tea, another brand new song from our upcoming album!

Listen here:

Pre-order here:

30 Sep 2013

Here's Surgery Plains, first track of our upcoming self-titled record!

Listen here:

Preorder here:

18 Sep 2013

Time to announce some gigs!

First, we'll do a release party for our upcoming record on 25 October. It will take place @ L'An Vert, Liège, and on this special day, the new record will be available at a reduced price. Entrance for the show will be free for those who preordered the record.

After that we'll do a few shows in France:

  • 28 October: Lille @ CCL
  • 30 October: Perpignan @ L'Ubu
  • 1 November: Besançon @ Les Passagers du Zinc
  • 2 November: Paris @ La Cantine de Belleville

We're still looking for some gigs in France for 29 & 31 October. Contact us at if you can help.

We've also been invited by our friends Keep It Deep to play on 19 October at Ans (Centre Culturel).

Finally, we will welcome our friends from France Spanked to play a gig in Liège. It will take place @ CPCR on 29 November.

See you there!

17 Sep 2013

Trailer for our soon-to-come album is now online! A big and warm thank you to our dear friend Sébastien Augier for the making of this video.

6 Jul 2013

Preorders for our upcoming record are now online! You can preorder it in digital format, in a beautiful 3-panels digipak, or in bundle with tee-shirt, previous records, ... Go visit for more details.

12 May 2013

We are finally able to reveal the details on our next record!

It will be our first full-length album and it will be self-titled.

The record will feature 7 songs for a total length of 50+ minutes. And while we still have not decided how we are going to arrange the tracklist, here are the titles of the songs: Adrift / Breaches / Firelink Shrine / Lamento of a Dinosaur / Surgery Plains / The Fifth Season / Titanium Tea.

The record will be released on October 25, 2013 on Dipole Experiment Records, a label we set up for the occasion.

We will be recording it in August 2013 in Switzerland with Xavier Dromard @ Blend Studio. It will be mastered by Alan Douches @ West West Side Music in early September.

You'll find below the cover art, cover art based on a photography by Alexandre Parrot.

2 Dec 2012

No gigs planned for now, but we're hard at work on our next record, which will be the first full-length one! The writing is like 2/3 done, and we're really thrilled about its emerging shape. More info on this upcoming record and on future shows as soon as we get them.

In the meantime, 10€ for our two available records, isn't it a cheap and nice christmas present? :-)

4 Mar 2012

We're glad to announce that Bastien Dupont (who's not related to our guitarist!) is now our new drummer. We're really excited about what he brings to the band, and we encourage you to come and see the new line-up in one of our upcoming shows (see agenda for more details). Welcome Bastien!

We'd also like to take that news opportunity to thank Tom Malmendier for two and a half years of a great musical and human adventure. Thank you Tom!

20 Dec 2011

Our second music video High On The Ground, from our new record Fishing For Ghosts, is now available! As for our first one, this music video has been directed by David Deom (Post Natural). Again, thanks to him!

14 Dec 2011

We are very proud to annouce that our second record Fishing For Ghosts is now available! You can buy it here, download it here, or listen to it here. Enjoy!

30 Nov 2011

The gig for the release of Fishing For Ghosts on december 13th will not take place at L'Escalier, but at the Smile Café, in Liège. More details here. See you there!

14 Nov 2011

We'll do a gig for the release of our new record Fishing For Ghosts on december 13th. The show will take place at L'Escalier (Liège), and on this "release party" day, we'll sell it for the special price of 4€!

After that, the EP will come out officially on december 14th, and you'll be able to order it via our online store. As for our first one, the digital version of this record will be available on our website (free download), on online stores, and on streaming services.

25 Oct 2011

We're back from Switzerland and we're really excited about the new record! Thanks to Xavier Dromard for his great work and his kindness. The record will be released during december, and we'll do a gig in Liège for the release. More details coming soon!

4 Oct 2011

We will record our second EP between october 18th and october 24th with Xavier Dromard @ Blend Studio. This second record will be called "Fishing For Ghosts", and here's the tracklist:

  1. Fishing For Ghosts
  2. Dust
  3. Another Bleak Mind Rushed For Obedience
  4. High On The Ground
  5. Romantic Song For The Nightlife Of A Pumpkin Bubble
  6. Heaven - Home

You'll find below the cover art, cover art designed by Sébastien Augier and based on a photography by Mustafa Dedeoglu.

11 Sep 2011

We are proud to present you our first music video! This music video of our song Lights has been made by David Deom (Post Natural). A big thank you to him!

11 Feb 2011

We've added a few shows for the next months in the agenda section:

February 25th @ La Vitamine Z, Wavre (BE)
March 5th @ Centre Culturel, Chênée (BE)
March 26th @ Mons-lez-Liège (BE)
April 2th @ Carlo Levi, Liège (BE)
April 15th @ Magasin 4, Bruxelles (BE)
April 16th @ Chênée (BE)

We've also added some press photos in the gallery section, thanks to Maxence Dedry.

31 Oct 2010

A few months after the digital-only release of our first EP "A dispute to redefine clearly frontiers between devils and angels", we've just made a physical release of it!

The EP is still available for free download on this website, but if you want to support us, you can from now on buy it online here, or, of course, in one of our shows. It will cost you 7€, or 15€ for a CD/T-shirt bundle.

13 Oct 2010

We will play at the Fool Part III festival (Chênée, BE) on october 30th.

23 Jun 2010

We will play on July 1st @ La Légia, Liège (BE) with Alonzo Zoo and The Zoophile. See you there!

19 Apr 2010

Our first EP is now available! You can listen to it or download it for free on this website. Thanks to everyone involved in the process of bringing this record to life (Yann Morel, Sébastien Descamps, Xavier Dromard, Sébastien Augier, Stéphanie Chatelain, ...). Hope you'll enjoy it!

7 Mar 2010

So here we are! Our first show will take place on march 17th, 20:30 @ l'Escalier, Liège (BE). We play first, so don't be late ;)

After that gig, we'll do a few more shows before and after the april studio recording:

March 31th @ L'Inside Out, Liège (BE)
April 2th @ Le Select, Lille (FR)
April 4th @ Le Maquis, Besançon (FR)
April 23th @ Carlo Levi, Liège (BE)

Also, our website and our MySpace page are online. Still no music on them yet, but as soon as we'll get a mastered copy of our soon to come EP (probably around april 20th), it will be available on both of them.

13 Dec 2009

Just before the april recording session, we'll do a few shows: April 2th @ Lille (FR), April 3th @ Besançon (FR, to be confirmed). Before that, we'll play with Sweeet Basil in Liège (BE) on march 17th. More info and more shows coming soon !

13 Dec 2009

We'll record our first EP between april 5th and april 12th 2010. We'll do the recording part at the Cube Studio (, and the mixing part with Xavier Dromard. This EP wil be a digital-only release, and will be freely downloadable on our website. Stay tuned !